Beliefs ! What are they and do I have any?

Up to a recent point in time (last week 🙂 I was aware of my beliefs, especially the ones that prevented me achieving my financial goals. You may argue if I knew about them, I could do something about them. I wish it was that simple, well at least that’s what I thought until…well until I met Peter Salomon.


It was a concident (really?) that we sat next to each other on that very December day in his conference room. He was reflecting his immaculate coaching skills upon all the participants. At lunch time, he told me that formerly he has been an experienced financial consultant. What I coincedence I thought to myself (oh really, said a voice within me!). Towards the end of the seminar, I was told that may be he can help me overcome my limiting beliefs (again, oh really, said a voice in side me!). A few weeks later, I was about to apply for a finacial aid to boost my project and my belief was letting me feel „there is no way I would get the aid because my application had already been turned down twice previously*. It is funny how I felt that it will get turned down on those both occasions, even before I went to those appointments, isn’t that strange? 🙂 I did everything possible within my power to switch off and ignore this voice inside me that gave me the negative feelings but the more I did NOT want it, the more I got it. My vibrational desire: „oh I am scared they are not gonna accept my application“, allowed me to experience exactly that „.. sorry but we will not be able to help you today with your new request…“. What a surprise! Well, what else did I expect? The next day, I started preparing myself for my next appointment with another financial institute and the little voice inside me started to prepare itself by getting louder and louder. All of a sudden, it occured to me what I was doing and the kind of scenario I was building. I knew I needed professional help. I needed a coach to train me mentally. Hmmm…haven’t I met one recently !!!!! I called Peter and told him what happened in the previous day and how my limiting belief allowed me to receive exactly what I expected. I asked him for his help and how I would prepare for my next appointment. Peter explained to me the perspective that I can choose to prepave my future by presenting my story in phases. The more I started telling my story, my limiting belief started to transform into focusing on my desire rather than worrying about a rejection. Peter was able to give me a perspective that it is all about mind set. By advising me to tell my story of how I was going to present my case and what I was going to receive, I experienced exactly that. From the moment I stepped into the office of my appointment, everything was prepared and there were just a few formalities to sign the agreement documents. WOW. Thank you Peter, with your support and professional coaching expertise, I was able to overcome my limiting belief and connect with my courage to receive my expected desire. All the best

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